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   The Show

Your boss. Your doctor. Your son’s teacher. Your feminist best friend. That sweet little blue-haired widow who sits next to you in church. 

Your own mother.

What secret may these women have in common? Tucked away on their Kindle are books with plots you might never expect they’d read. A city girl inherits a ranch, only to end up riding the three hunky cowboy neighbors with a fondness for sharing one partner. A businesswoman abducted on a trip finds herself moaning helplessly under the foreign tongue of her muscular captor. A spoiled socialite learns the meaning of discipline at the hands of a man who insists she call him Daddy. A blind date goes off the rails when the gentleman caller turns out to be no gentleman. 

E.L. James’Fifty Shades of Greypopularized erotic romance for the masses,and the advent of e-readers made erotic romance not only more accessible, but acceptable.  

Today there are literally hundreds of thousands of erotic books to choose from, and with a growing number of independent authors pushing the limits for readers eager see what’s beyond the next sexy horizon, it’s unlikely that we’re going back.

So who reads erotica? How many different kinds of erotica are there? And who’s writing all these books?

Hi, I’m Ava Sinclair, an erotica author of over twenty years, and this is my podcast, The Erotic Reading Room, where we’ll explore our hunger for reading – and writing – these lusty books. We’ll talk directly to authors who write everything from sexy romantic escapism to dark and gritty fantasies of forced consent. We’ll explore how various desires and kinks are woven into stories. Whether your taste is for dominant man who spanks you into submission, the alien warlord who takes you to his remote outpost for his breeding program, or a harem of five men who exist to pleasure you and you alone, there is sure to be something to titillate or – in some cases – even scandalize.

 I’ll dish about emerging trends with bloggers who keep a finger on the rapid pulse of this ever-evolving genre. 

I’ll even take a deep dive into some of the questions dogging erotica and those who write and read it. Can you be a feminist if you enjoy erotica? Are books featuring male domination harmful to women? Why do we love reading about taboos? Is there a limit to what readers will accept? Why do some books get banned, and who decides?

These are some of the topics you can look forward to on this podcast. If you’re already an erotica reader, this is a wonderful way to learn about new writers or sub-genres you’d never considered reading. 

And if you’re not a reader, maybe – just maybe – you’ll find yourself spicing up your own bookshelf with some sexy titles you never knew you’d love so much.

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